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A gateway for Engineers aspiring to build a career in Japan

What is Global Japan Talent Hub?

A  private online hub for Engineers to access exclusive information to build a career in Japan - its culture, language, technology, life, and work.  

Explore job opportunities, apply for jobs, understand the recruitment process, join online events, access online Japanese language courses and much more. You can also ask questions, share ideas, inspire and meet new friends. 

It's free to join but every applicant is manually vetted by our team.

Why Join Us?

Be part of our community of like-minded professionals, learn about various job offers, get updates on the recruitment process and access to exclusive content about Japan all in one place.

We're committed to your privacy to make this as a safe place where you can 


What You Should Expect?

We're aiming to make your experience here awesome to advance your career. We want you to get five key things from Global Japan Talent Hub:

Find job opportunities
Explore instantly the current job openings in Japan with Japanese companies using advanced technologies, with new job updates on an almost daily basis. You can follow the specific topics of jobs to get regular updates and contact us if you are interested to apply for any of those positions.

Develop your skills
Our job insights and language courses are designed to enhance your skills and be a bridge to help build your career in Japan. Get access to exclusive content, articles, and resources to expand your skillset and knowledge required to work in Japan.

Attend events and meet like-minded people
Build your network and connect with like-minded, passionate students and working professionals who are just as driven to reach their goals as you are. Attend online events to interact with Japanese entrepreneurs and professionals sharing their experiences, that helps your career growth in Japan

Get real-time support
Chat facility enables you to ask all answers on what it takes to land up a job in Japan directly from experienced Indian professionals who are working in Japan. Feel free to Contact Us for any consultation, tailored job recommendation, recruitment process and career support in Japan. 


Who We Are?

We, Global Japan Network Limited, headquartered in Tokyo, a professional HR firm in placing IT engineers for onsite Japanese companies. We navigate you to find the best jobs in Japan that match your skills and aspirations.

We hope you will Join Us! 

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